10 Organic Baby Foods You Must Try For Your Toddlers

Organic Baby Food You Must Try

10 Organic Baby Foods You Must Try For Your Toddlers

To all the new mothers, we wholeheartedly acknowledge your concern regarding your toddler’s diet. You cannot jeopardise your baby’s overall health and upbringing. The most crucial and tricky part is to shortlist the right kind of foods from the wide range of available options where every other thing claims they are the best, in order to keep your little ones healthy. In such a scenario, going with organic food products is the most prospective and feasible decision for your baby’s full scale nutrition and health. Organic foods come with toxin-free assurance, which is of utmost importance for a baby’s health. Harmful toxins like  antibiotics, pesticides, sewage sludge, artificial growth hormones or irradiation can be usually found in conventional vegetables and fruits. These are next-to-impossible to wash off, even after several washes. Therefore, to clarify all the doubts hovering over baby foods, we at Wholistic You have shortlisted 10 baby food products which fall under the organic domain, and are absolutely safe for the little ones.

Wholistic You picks 10 organic baby food products for you:

Everyone knows that kids love cookies.Keeping this in mind, Early Foods has come up with mouthwatering jaggery cookies made from organic whole grains. Along with millets, wheat, organic jaggery, pulses, India-grown cacao powder, the excellent quality of dry fruits and assorted seeds add to the overall purity. They come in variants like – Ragi & Amaranth, Multigrain Millet, Dry Fruits & Seeds, Ragi & Chocolate, Foxtail Millet & Almond, Jowar Millet & Almond.

Your eight months-old baby requires this type of organic nutrient mix powder which is excellent for his/her health and general growth. Loaded with the goodness of whole ragi grains, dates, almonds and cardamom, and enriched with organic gluten free essence, one can definitely pick these organic food products for their little darlings.

These are ideal for the toddlers who are ready to munch on all grains & nuts. Recommended for those who have 1-2 teeth to chew, but you can also dip in milk or water to help them bite. These whole wheat & Ragi breadsticks which are free from added salt and sugar are wonderful finger food for the little ones who are just starting to learn how to eat independently. These teething sticks also soothe the emerging little teething gums and teeth.

If your child is 7-months-old you can provide this organic super food to them. This sprouted ragi does not contain any added sugar or salt. It is both lactose & sucrose free to promote healthy growth. Alongside the goodness of ragi, calcium is present which boosts bone growth. Just add water and mix the powder in a bowl.

The amla powder mix or gooseberry powder mix with 100% immunity nutrients is an amazing immunity booster for kids. Pure amla powder which is sun-dried naturally in order to retain maximum nutritional value is used here. It acts as a powerhouse of calcium and vitamin C. Organic amla boosts immunity in kids naturally and helps the body in absorbing important minerals.

This khichdi powder comprises organic white rice and split lentils. Hand pounded rice provides more fibres and minerals than polished rice, and similarly moong dal is a great source of proteins and dietary fibre. It’s an excellent meal choice as it’s easy to carry around and can be quickly prepared. Owing to the organic essence, this khichdi mix is a fantabulous pick for babies.

This drink is more than perfect for your grown-up kids. Made with naturally sourced organic ingredients, this immunity-boosting drink is a great way to indulge in healthy eating habits. It has ingredients like dates, almonds, lotus seeds, makhana and cardamom which are filled with organic goodness, and are an important source of nutrients, fibres and minerals like vitamin E.

Once your tiny tot has started taking his/her little baby steps, present them with this exciting energy drink filled with super nutrients and minerals. Ragi is a powerhouse of calcium, developing stronger bones. The presence of raw cocoa ensures the supply of plentiful phytonutrients and magnesium. Alongside this, amaranth ensures there is enough protein and Vitamin B.

When your baby is one year old, search for ‘healthy snacks online’ and anyone can get this product anytime. With no added salt or sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial flavours, it is one of the most readily available munchies in the market. With ingredients like organic whole wheat flour, cheese and milk, this is definitely a great snack option.

What’s better than gluten free organic cookies? Nothing! Bajra is rich in antioxidants, protein, minerals and vitamins. It feels super light after consumption and is easy to digest. Want these healthy snacks online? Visit Wholistic You now and order today. It is a perfect evening snack for the little hungry tummies.

What are you waiting for? Check out these products right away and bring goodness home once again.

[…] Wholistic You have shortlisted 10 baby food products which fall under the organic domain, and are absolutely safe for the little ones.  […]

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