5 Steps For A Sustainable Summer Season

5 Steps For A Sustainable Summer Season

5 Ways to have a Sustainable Summer


Summers are here! So quick right? There have been many changes last year and a lot of you may have noticed that time has seemed to speed up as the year goes on. Towards the end, we started to regain some sort of normalcy and welcomed 2022 with a hope that this trying times get over soon and we live our life just like we used to live before the new normalcy.


As spring sets in and we are almost close to summers, it’s important we become more careful towards ourselves and this nature and understand our eco-impact this summer, and lead a sustainable lifestyle.


With all the holiday festivities arriving with this summer in different parts and communities of India, it’s possible to make choices that you’ll regret and can’t undo. Here are some quick tips to help you make more sustainable choices without going overboard:


Earth-Friendly Celebrations


With the arrival of spring, different festivals come along and goes on with early summers. From Hindu, Bengali and other communities New Year to Ramzan and other regional festivals, there are so much to celebrate! And that’s what India is know for; different cultures, different celebrations and different celebration!


With below tips, you can have your celebrations in a sustainable ways and with great joy:


  • If you are looking to give your house a aesthetic feel it’s always good to go for products that are made of eco-friendly materials.
  • You can also go for cutleries made of coconut shell to enhance your dinner, brunch and tea time.
  • No celebration is complete without gifts and guess what, this season you can change the way of gifting by opting for sustainable gifting options. These gift are not only elegant in design but eco-friendly too. So, you are making happy both your loved ones and mother nature.


Sustainable Summer Fashion


The season of trendy clothes is finally here! If you are looking to uplift your fashion game while being conservative towards your footprint then here’s what you can do to look stylish while being sustainable.


If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with new trendy clothes then it’s advisable to shop from ethical local sustainable fashion brands as they are taking all safety measures to manufacture their products eco-friendly in affordable pricing.


Sustainable Summer Self-Care


As summers are around, our skin will experience certain changes. With excessive heat and humidity especially in Kolkata, your skin will demand more protection and appropriate care from sunburn, rashes, acne and unwanted pimples.


So, it’s very important to make our skin care routine punctual with right set of products which are 100% organic and safe.


From organic facewash to sunscreen and face hydrating gel, you can find a range of skin care products at our online marketplace to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Stay Hydrated & Energized


Keeping your body hydrated all day in summer season is quite important. So, drink a lot of water, also, you can go for cool breezy organic kombucha that will not only just keep you hydrated but the organic ingredients will help you keep energized all day long.


Along with this, you can have some energizing choco granola bites that are made 100% organically with natural ingredients and sweetened with raw honey. That means you can have these without any guilt, isn’t it?


Check out the entire range of organic, healthy, plant-based food products at eastern India’s only sustainable lifestyle store, that will keep you energetic and provide a great taste.


Sustainable Travels


As summers are here, soon summer vacations too will arrive! The most exciting part of our childhood where we used to go to our grandparents house and enjoy the most. This time, plan your travels in a most sustainable way by following below tips:


  • Carry a reusable water bottle so that you don’t end up taking more plastic bottles.
  • You can pack some eco-friendly essentials like bamboo toothbrush and tongue cleaner, bamboo earbuds, natural loofah, etc. And guess what you can pack all these in all in one cork travel kit that too is made up of sustainable material. Isn’t it great!
  • If you’re traveling nearby, consider a scenic train ride. Not only is it better for the environment—it lets you enjoy the views as well.
  • Last but not the least, follow all covid norms and be a responsible traveler. Use masks and sanitizers appropriately and maintain social distance.


Have fun and enjoy this season of summer with festivities, follow the sustainable lifestyle and spread positivity and happiness everywhere.


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