The Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: Everything You Need to Know

The Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: Everything You Need to Know


Apple cider vinegar health benefits



Apple cider vinegar is one of those amazing and all-purpose items that you can use in a variety of ways. It is a popular kitchen staple with a variety of potential health benefits. Though it has been used medicinally for centuries, it was not until recently that modern science began to study and understand its potential benefits.


Some of the key areas in which apple cider vinegar may provide benefit include weight loss, blood sugar control, and reduction of cholesterol levels. In addition, it is also being studied for its potential anti-cancer effects.


From cleaning to cooking, to health and beauty, apple cider vinegar is a jack-of-all-trades. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable benefits and uses for apple cider vinegar.


Top 5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Below are some of the surprising health benefits of apple cider vinegar:


1. Helps clear acne and pimples


It contains malic acid, which is an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It also contains acetic acid, which is a natural skin exfoliant. It can be used to treat acne and pimples.


2. Helps Control Blood Sugar


In addition to being used as a food flavoring, it has been used as a folk remedy for a variety of health problems. It may help control blood sugar in people with diabetes. It can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


3. Helps get rid of Dandruff


It is a natural product that has many benefits for the hair and scalp. It can help get rid of dandruff, and it also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used as a shampoo, or it can be added to your regular shampoo to give it extra strength.


4. Alleviates the pain of sore throat


It has many health benefits which include, but are not limited to: weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and alleviating the pain of a sore throat.


Sore throats are caused by a variety of things such as the common cold, the flu, smoking, and acid reflux. The pain of a sore throat can be alleviated by drinking apple cider vinegar. It is a natural remedy for a sore throat and it is very effective.


5. Eases heartburn and indigestion


It is said to work by balancing the acid and alkaline levels in the stomach, which in turn eases heartburn and indigestion.


There is some scientific evidence to suggest that it may be effective in treating heartburn and indigestion. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that it was effective in reducing symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.


Possible Side Effects


It is a popular household product with a range of potential uses. It may be tempting to believe that it’s completely safe, but it’s important to be aware of some potential side effects. If the vinegar is too strong or in contact with your body for too long, there may be more serious problems.


It may lower your potassium levels if consumed too much. It can also lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), throat irritation, and allergic reactions.


Vinegar is an acid that can cause burns and injury to the digestive tract (including the throat, esophagus, and stomach), if it is not diluted with water. This is especially true when it is used in large amounts.


What to Look For


When buying an apple cider vinegar, look for the product labels, it’s manufacturing and expiry date. It is advised to go for organic apple cider vinegar as it is 100% healthy, made with organic ingredients and contains all the nutritional values without any chemical infused.


The Bottom Line


Apple cider vinegar is a versatile and healthy ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. This article outlined some of the many benefits of it and gave tips on how to use it. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, order a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar today from Wholistic You and get it delivered to your doorstep!


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