Healthy Fibres

Healthy Fibres is a brand derived from the perfect confluence of traditional recipe and modern technology which ensures the natural goodness in its every product. Our experienced team is seriously involved in procurement of naturally grown quality raw materials and into every detail of the production process, thereby, ensuring natural goodness in all the products under the brand. The extraction machine has been developed in-house; the entire process is known for its uniqueness and has been patented. The patented process is unique in itself retaining natural goodness in every product.

Healthy Fibres is founded by individuals with research background and is supported by eminent intellectuals in the field of lipid science. The research team is in continuous process to provide our customers always the best!

Our founders are from the fifth generation of the family that has the traditional secrets of natural cooking oil and authentic ghee making which have been carefully preserved and handed over from generations to generations since 1885 by their legendary forefather Late Shri Thuppa Das Kamath hailing from a small village named Gurpur, on the banks of river Phalguni near Mangalore, India.

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