● The concept was inceptionlised in 2015 by our founder Mr. Adnan Sarkar. Our story as a producer of cold press oil started in 2017 in Surat, Gujarat, when we purchased our first oil extracting machine.
● The first machine setup was in our office where we were producing oils first just for our home and eventually it spread to friends and family. The response we got was great, so much so that people were asking for different kinds of oils as well.
● In 2018: This brought about the birth of Hesthetic, an amalgamation of health and aesthetics. The brand was created around one idea; providing the highest quality of edible oils in the market. (At this time we were selling the oils to our close friends and family)
● In 2019: Adnan Sarkar approached Kamal Thesia, a close family friend, to take this to . Both partnered together and decided to take this idea further.
● With the vision – To provide healthier solutions of cooking, salad and wellness oil to the world. They opened up their first factory in Vesu, Surat. What started as passion, led the business to expand from a single machine being operated in an office laboratory to the current multiple machine set up at the factory.
● Hesthetic now produces an array of all-natural and organic cold-pressed oils for consumption and other uses. For us, health comes first.