Iraj Tea

Nothing like bonding over a cup of tea! Tea has been an age old social beverage for different cultures across the world. The founders of Iraj Tea, Gajinder Singh Vij and Ankita Malik, however had a far deeper agenda. They not only wanted people to bond with one another, but also to forge a deeper connection with ones inner self. Hence Iraj tea was founded, with a vision to enhance and reinvent ones wellness experience in the most enjoyable way. Both Vij and Ankita are health and fitness enthusiasts and they took their passion for wellness a notch above for their loved ones by creating blends with the purest of ingredients and healing properties. Iraj Tea is conceptualized as a healthy and luxurious take on flavoured teas and herbal blends. It is royal, refreshing, and duly researched and developed in order to create the best possible wellness experience for their patrons.