The Goodness Bottle

The Goodness Bottle has started operations from 16th February 2022.
The Whole Idea of TGB is based on the fundamentals of Clean Label products.

All Our products today and in the coming years will be as clean as possible, without any added Sugar , Preservatives or any other foreign materials. We believe in the concept of getting the produce fresh from the farms to our consumers table in least possible lead time without any adulteration . With a lack of clean label juices and Mylks in the Market, the whole Idea behind Cold pressed juices and Nut mylks originated. The whole team of TGB are a bunch of health freaks, and believe that fresh and unadulterated products are meant to be a part and parcel of each and every person on the planet at the best possible price. All our machines used are of the highest quality and best in the world. We maintain utmost Hygiene and Cleanliness while producing our products. We try and use sustainable products to as much extent as we can .

WHY are our Products?

Our products are unadulterated and have a clean label. We ensure highest quality fruits and nuts to produce the best produce, with the best machines in the world, with utmost Hygiene and Cleanliness.

Our Products are meant to give the daily required nutrition from plants, vegetables, fruits and Nuts to our consumers at the most affordable price. As it is known that it takes a person 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle, all our products are based on a subscription model, helping us provide value to customers by passing them fresh produce regularly at minimum price. Those who want to try our products first can always opt for our value packs in order to try and then subscribe.

Our Vision and Goal!

We envision healthy living for all our consumers at the most affordable prices. We plan to give the best nutritionally rich and dense products in our portfolio to all our consumers. We believe and have the vision to give our customers the best of the best .