Go for Vegan Recipes and be Healthy

Go for Vegan Recipes and be Healthy



So, you have made the big decision to go vegan in 2022 and the rest of your life. Well, then firstly congratulations. You have made the right choice for your health, the Earth and all animals that live on it. Now, all that’s left is to understand how to adapt this lifestyle as a beginner and make the most out of it.


Well, for you the good news is that we made this handy guide for you!


These exciting, plant-based vegan food recipes are full of flavour and, most prominently, fresh seasonal produce.


Before making any preferences, consider what is in season in your neck of the woods and pick out a few to try this week!


Following are the Best Vegan Food Recipes:


  1. Vegan Chocolate Nutella Spread

Dry fruits are the star of the show in this chocolatey recipe, and the melodiousness comes from the goodness of dates and the rich flavour from unprocessed cocoa powder. This vegan chocolate nutella spread is perfect spread to enjoy on toast, on pancakes, or as a dip for fresh fruit.

Serve it with strawberry or banana as per taste. This will satisfy your sweet craving most healthily.


  1. Tabbouleh Salad

This salad has everything: something salty, something cheerful, something nutty, something fresh. Whether you pack it for lunch or serve it as a dinner side dish, it’s a vegan food recipe you’re sure to love.


  1. Chilli Garlic Zoodles

Ready in just 20 minutes, this vegan food recipe is a super-fast dinner option and still has all the flavour with garlic and chilli.


  1. Tofu Mushroom Soup

This Tofu mushroom soup is an excellent first course for dinner. It’s light and flavourful, and just add a cup or two of your favourite boiled noodles to make it into a meal. We can enjoy eating whole wheat noodles. It had a very distinct nutty flavour, and we use it a lot in stir-fries and noodle soups.


  1. Three-bean salad 

Beans, aka legumes, are an ideal addition to any meal. Rich in fibre, folate, iron, potassium, and low in fat, beans complement a heart-healthy diet. This three-bean salad calls for white and red beans and fresh green beans, otherwise referred to as green beans. Green beans are unsurprisingly low in calories and, if you are following a keto diet, this is an ideal option. When drizzled with heart-healthy olive oil, they add captivating colour, crunch, and flavour to this recipe.


  1. Cauliflower Rice Pulao

Cauliflower rice pulao is a new food trend full of some incredible benefits. Instead of using regular rice, cauliflower rice as a low-carb and low-calorie is an ideal alternative. It’s leisurely to see why this is appealing. Cauliflower has a soft taste and can be cooked in various ways. On top of that, cauliflower rice also has some fantastic health benefits.


Final Thoughts! 


Every year more and more individuals are deciding to go vegan for a good reason! There are so many unique ways veganism can improve our lives – fantastic health benefits, less stress on our environment, more efficient ways to use our resources, and many more!


There are many notable reasons someone might choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle.


Always remember, the best vegan food never has to be boring or bland! And remember, if it tastes delightful, no one will ever miss the meat! We promise!

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