Our Nutritionist


“I am Jaitri Bose. Mother of two beautiful teenage girls. I would like to start my story from the very beginning

I was always little overweight as a child and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 7 years. With proper treatment and healthy lifestyle I was able to achieve ideal body composition and optimal health.

My downfall started with unhealthy lifestyle and junk food addiction during my college years and two consecutive pregnancies. I became 100 kgs. This made me pre-diabetic.  My blood pressure was super high and doctor advised me to lose weight immediately otherwise I would have  to start blood pressure medication. This was my wake-up call and since then I have never looked back. It’s been almost 20 years , that I have been consistent with my lifestyle and fitness regimen.

My journeyI was able to lose 40 kgs and maintain it all through. So here I am completely honest and human who learned from her own mistakes and rectified it white there was still time. 

My journey from fat to fit inspired me towards nutrition and fitness.  So I decided to persue nutrition as my desired field in order to help people like me or otherwise to understand and believe nothing is impossible. I felt very lost and lonely during my journey and I don’t want anyone to feel the same . This inspired me to become a life coach.”


  • Diploma in Dietetics Health and Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Child Care Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. 

Diet Packages

Diet Packages Description Price
One month Diet package with meal plan for 4 to 5 days , one zoom or what’s app vedio consultation of 30 to 40 mins and clarification of doubt over email or messages for 30 days ₹2400 Consult Now
Two month 2 diet charts, 8 meal plans ₹4500 Consult Now
Three months 3 diet charts , 12 meal plans ₹7800 Consult Now

Session Charges

Session Packages Description Price
1 month package Includes complete diet chart with one online consultation for 30 to 40 mins. Chart includes 3 to 4 meal variations. What’s app support will be provided throughout the month. Meal suggestions will be provided when eating out. ₹2000 Consult Now
2 months package will have 2 online consultations. 2nd chart with new menu will be given at the 3nd of 1st month. What’s app support for 2 months. ₹3500 Consult Now
3 months packages will have 3 consultation, 3 charts. ₹5000 Consult Now