Mindcare By Pooja

Our Lifestyle Coach

About Pooja

‘ Talk Therapy ‘, is a life-changing method that I as a Therapist feel is important in today’s hectic life of every individual. 

IT IS TRULY OK, NOT TO BE OK, the sooner you accept the faster you overcome it.

As a psychologist, I help my clients actualize that their Mind is as important as their Body. 

We at MINDCARE make the client Conscious and Aware of their thoughts and lifestyle to be in good form aiming towards the client’s targeted goal in life.

Session Charges

Session Packages Price
1 Session of 45 minutes ₹1800 Consult Now
4 Session of 45 minutes each session ₹6000 Consult Now
8 Session of 45 minutes each session ₹12000 Consult Now

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