Moving towards Wholistic Organic Lifestyle Organic Diet Plan for Beginners

Moving towards Wholistic Organic Lifestyle: Organic Diet Plan for Beginners

Organic Diet Plan for Beginners


Advanced technology has provided us with modern beneficial services like the internet and a plethora of smart devices. With these elements in hand, information is easily available to us at any point of time, keeping us connected 24/7. However, these have brought about immense changes in our eating habits too. To keep up with the pace of our hectic lifestyles, most of us tend to consume very less amounts of healthy foods. In due course, this habit can be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Luckily, there are numerous healthy diet variants and concepts readily available. Adopting a diet meal plan filled with organic food products can be tiresome but is not impossible. This article focuses on helping you shift your eating habits to the healthier side by encouraging you to take up organic products.

Before you delve into charting an organic food diet, here are some useful tips that should be remembered at all times:

  • Decide your menu before going shopping to your favourite organic food store it will be easy on the pocket as well as save you time.
  • Purchase only what’s needed – refrain from picking up too many ingredients that are not needed.
  • Try substituting specialty ingredients – even if a recipe requires it, try other ingredients in its place. Experimentation is crucial to successful cooking.
  • Shun processed salt and sauces – fresh & dried herbs, wines, broths, stocks, and spices are better alternatives for flavouring meals.

These tips can help you to make an effective meal plan. With the growing demand among people to opt for an organic lifestyle, these diet plans have the potential to help you achieve that goal.



The king of all meals is what they call it. A handsome amount of organic food products can definitely satiate your hunger. Starting off your day with a serving of poached or scrambled free-range organic eggs paired with grilled tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms is quite sufficient to keep your tummy full till lunch. Such meals provide an adequate dose of carbohydrates and protein for energy. Other than organic eggs and fruits, vegetables, pancake mixes, cereals and dairy can also be clubbed to your diet plan. 


Instances of such breakfast plans are:

  • Organic cereals and milk
  • Fresh berries and organic pancakes
  • Homemade granola bars and yogurt
  • Organic french toast paired with a topping of organic maple syrup

Fruit smoothies made with non-dairy milk are other healthy breakfast options. Boiled steel-cut oats drowned in organic milk are exclusive alternatives too. Some addition of organic berries along with a dash of honey to it make it an even more power-packed breakfast.


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A hearty meal at noon has the potential to keep us charged throughout the afternoon. Since nutrients like iodine and selenium are very much essential in our diet, organically-fed fresh farm fish make tasty food treats. Marinate tilapia or catfish with ginger and lemon juice before grilling. Add some steamed organic veggies along with organic cheese to have a sumptuous lunch. Some other variants of lunch ideas that are also great include chicken, tossed green salad or even tuna. Whole wheat bread sandwiches with grilled or stir-fried chicken breast work like tummy fillers. If you are looking for a light weighted, yet filling lunch, then some refreshing options can be a lentil salad along with organic quinoa or even an organic egg salad sandwich.



Instead of munching on that lucious looking bag of chips or the cravingfull off-the-shelf cookies, visit your organic food store to grab some organic fruits in that place. Locally produced seasonal fruits by organic methods are great wholesome choices if you decide on taking a snack break. Mix and match these juicy fruits with some shredded coconut, raw cacao or organic yogurt to try out different variations. Add a couple of organically sourced seeds or nuts, and you are all set to enjoy a naturally sweet snack.



Reconsidering your dinner platter can pave the way to changing your diet. A healthy and balanced dose of  greens and protein can surely make your meal much more healthy for you. Progressive cooking methods like braising, poaching, steaming or baking fish, lean meat or chicken should be opted at the earliest.


Organic & nutritious dinner meals include:

  • Vegetarian lasagne
  • Grilled salmon drizzled with herbed yogurt sauce
  • Beef tacos laong with homemade guacamole
  • Lean beef chili con carne with a handful organic kidney beans
  • Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus


All these savoury dishes can be prepped and cooked in advance and kept in your fridge to be used later. It can be a practical and systematic way of making healthy meals even when you have a busy work schedule. Just like eating is a pleasurable experience, making healthful choices should not pose any challenge and the food we consume reflects on our physical outlook. Organic food will keep you in the pink of your healthy self, by providing the body with the essential nutrients that make your day better!

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