DHOOP (INCENSE) Stics, Handmade 30 Pieces

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* Handmade using natural ingredients and dung of desi cows.

* Natural incense sticks made from the dung of desi cows

* Sunbaked , non perfumed, handmade product. Free from additives, preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. Free from pesticides and chemicals.

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Additional information

Specific storage info

Store in the pouch in a cool dry place.



DHOOP (INCENSE) Stics, Handmade 30 Pieces




Desi cow dung,TBOF cultured ghee,Rice,Coconut oil and Camphor

Self Life

12 Months

Usage Info

Dhoop sticks are so aromatic. They impart a lovely fragrance to the interiors of the home or work space.

The air feels cleansed and the natural aromas are therapeutic and impart a calming vibe.

Light it during the early morning and late evening hours .It can be used in all parts of the home…living room ,kitchen , etc

It will also remove any dampness in the air during the monsoons.


It is a natural air purifier

Acts as an insect repellant

Has a pleasing aroma from the natural ingredients

Reduces pollutants in the air

Clears the air of allergens and toxins


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.