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Enable Nature Presents Premium Bamboo Toothbrush & Pen Holders. These Holders will keep safe and Hygienic your Bamboo Toothbrush & Pen.

Are your brushes  & Pen still lying on the dirty shelves or are kept in some plastic holder that has got white spots on it?
If that’s the case it is high time to improve your oral health and bring home this handmade holder for a toothbrush, or a tongue cleaner, or a razor and make your washroom look smarter, elegant, and natural. This natural handmade toothbrush holder fits one brush at a time so now the bristles of one brush won’t be in contact with another and maintain the hygiene you deserve.
Wholistic You Toothbrush & Pen Holder is Crafted in such a manner that it brings style and an aesthetic look to the countertop. It also keeps the toothbrush organized so that your bathroom looks elegant!
Wholistic You Toothbrush & Pen Holder is 100% sustainable bamboo product, which helps you to do your part by not polluting the environment while also keeping your bathroom and toothbrushes nice and tidy. Wholistic You Toothbrush & Pen Holder has a hole at the bottom which makes sure that all the excess water is drained out, keeping your toothbrush dry and hygienic!
Wholistic You Toothbrush Holder & Pen is a natural companion to your BambooIndia Toothbrush. Keep your toothbrush dry naturally with help of toothbrush holder to avoid bacteria that thrive on damp and dark places!

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