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“It is my focused endeavor to slowly, but surely, shift the mindset of individuals towards a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy life ensuring that both mind and body are in sync with this way of living.”

Shimana is a trained Lifestyle Management Coach with more than 18 years of experience in Human Behaviour Management. She specifically works towards optimizing lifestyle choices & resources in individuals. She believes in effective and sustainable ways of healthy living with a special focus on mental health. Shimana works relentlessly to promote and help all her clients imbibe this way of living through counselling, mapping behavioural patterns, and hand-holding them to a better, healthier, fuller life.

In October 2019, Shimana also started Seven Chakras. This is a line of luxury, natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free skincare products, preservative-free food products and handmade lifestyle products. The brand’s earnest endeavour is to create high-quality products, but also to empower the less fortunate, by providing them with employment opportunities in their firm. A small firm with a big dream, Seven Chakras is well on its way to becoming a favourite lifestyle brand because of its quality, affordability and in-sync with nature.


  • Masters in Human Behavior and  Resource Development
  • Diploma in Counseling & Psychology.

Getting started packages – Offering client packages is a great way to encourage a long-term relationship with your clients from day one. Most of the time, when clients purchase a multiple-session package, they’re committing to improving their health over time. 

Please share your monthly package details preferably for 1/2/3 months options along with what the sessions will consist of. (P.S – please suggest if you have another plan to offer apart from the ones mentioned above.)

Session Charges

Session Packages Description Price  
1 month package A session once a week for 1 hour ₹9600 Consult Now
2 months package A session once a week for 1 hour ₹17300 Consult Now
3 months packages A session once a week for 1 hour ₹23000 Consult Now

Diet Packages

Session Packages Description Price  
1 month package Includes complete diet chart with one online consultation for 30 to 40 mins. Chart includes 3 to 4 meal variations. What’s app support will be provided throughout the month. Meal suggestions will be provided when eating out. ₹2000 Consult Now
2 months package will have 2 online consultations. 2nd chart with new menu will be given at the 3nd of 1st month. What’s app support for 2 months. ₹3500 Consult Now
3 months packages will have 3 consultation, 3 charts. ₹5000 Consult Now

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