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What started as a way of keeping myself busy during the COVID-19 lockdowns has now transpired into something I love and cherish. The Wooden Spoon, founded in 2020, gave me the opportunity to present my best recipes to the world.

After getting an overwhelming response, I have diligently curated a menu of soups, salads, healthy wraps, burrito bowls and Khao suey which I make available to my customers every week. Working with a small team of two helpers who help me chop, pack and coordinate deliveries, The Wooden Spoon has allowed me to promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. 

What makes the Wooden Spoon special is its freshness. A menu is posted ever day with a choice of soups, salads and/or special dishes from which the customers can place an order. The order is freshly prepared on the same day it is delivered which not only enhances the taste but also ensure freshness of the food. The dishes are also prepared using fresh ingredients procured on the same day.

Chef Menu

Orders for Friday !!

Our Salads

Red bean mason jar

Quinoa Edamame

Thai crunch

Order Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday to get it delivered the next following day by 10-11am

Granola Yogurt Bowl

Our Soups

Tom kha

Roasted tomato basil


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