Tofu Mushroom soup

Tofu Mushroom soup


Tofu – cut into small pieces 

Mushroom – few pieces cut lengthwise 

Vegetable stock- 4 cups 

Brown Rice flour- 1-2 tsp for thickening 

Garlic – 2-3 cloves crushed ( optional ) 

Spring onion – for garnishing 

Parsley leaves – few sprigs 

Light soy sauce – 1-2 tsp 

Salt to taste 

Pepper to taste 

Method :

For Vegetable stock-

½ piece potato

few pieces of bottle guard ( lauki ) 

garlic – 2 cloves 

onion- one small cut into 4 pieces 

Patta gobi – few pieces 

Boil all in a pressure cooker 2-3 whistles. Cool down the broth and mix it in a mixer grinder. Add a little water to make it thin to use it for soup. Do not strain as you will lose all the nutrients. 


On the flame put a heavy bottomed pan, put crushed garlic, tofu and mushroom. Do not put oil. If it gets stuck to the pan, put a tbsp of stock. Put the stock and mix it. Add a little soy sauce for taste. Use rice flour if you want to thicken the soup. Put salt and pepper for taste. Use spring onions & parsley for garnishing. Your hot soup is ready. Tofu Mushroom Soup

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