Top 5 Health Benefits of Having Vegan Diet


Top 5 Health Benefits of Having Vegan Diet

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a vegan for long, procuring an equalised vegan diet is attainable with the proper understanding and systematic planning. An appositely formulated vegan diet offers numerous health benefits. However, it has to be kept in mind to include prime nutrients like the vitamins B12 and D, iron, zinc, essential bone-building calcium, and long chain omega-3 fatty acids.

Organic food products, which are like fortified foods, are always related to better health as they are rich in dietary fibres, contains plentiful supply of rich folate content, vitamins C and E along with, magnesium and potassium. The high fruits and vegetables intake with less sodium (salt) and saturated fat justifies why vegan diets stand to score highly in terms of health stakes.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 health benefits of opting for a vegan diet:

  1. Supports Weight Loss
  2. For some, the chance to lose a couple of pounds is enough motivation to make them switch to a far better plant-based diet. A recent comparative study of the nutritional quality of various diets revealed that a balanced vegan diet contributes to the lowest intake of energy, an enhanced fat profile and the highest amount of dietary fibre levels, in respect to lacto-ovo-vegetarian and omnivorous diets. The greater amount of fibre intake ensures you feel more stuffed after meals, making it easy for you to stay away from snacks and helps to connect better with your hunger signals.
    Other studies support the fact that, in general, vegans tend to be thinner and have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI). In one study, over an 18-week period, a low-fat vegan diet helped participants lose 4.2kg more than those on a controlled diet. An added benefit is that a vegan diet is naturally lower in calories, making calorie counting and portion control unnecessary.

  3. Healthy for the Heart
  4. Intaking a diet enriched with organic food products, vegan-friendly foods like wholegrains, plant based milk and healthy food snacks made from organic raw products ensure much lower instances of heart disease or failures including strokes.
    A particular note on this scenario – it’s a fact that males among vegans have been observed to savour way better and greater heart benefits than their female counterparts, with remarkable lessening of cardiac risk factors like cholesterol management and blood pressure.

  5. Regulates Blood Sugar Balance
  6. People who opt for a vegan diet are known to showcase a higher insulin sensitivity and low blood sugar levels which ultimately results in reduced risks of developing diabetes (Type 2). This is in fact true that, due to its very own nature, a wholefood organic vegan diet facilitates multiplied supplies of lower Glycaemic Index (GI) foods, which are abundant in dietary fibres. Incorporating wholegrains in the daily diet helps to stabilise the blood sugar, since the wholegrain aids slow digestion, posing as a physical barrier.
    Refined grains (specifically white versions of rice, pasta, bread), and all ‘wholemeal’ products, which have been processed additionally, allows faster digestion and releases the carb content rapidly. In order to enjoy the benefits of a vegan diet for your blood sugar, include lots of wholegrains in your daily meals.

  7. Reduces Risk of Cancer
  8. Reports of cancer cases are speculated to rise further over the next couple of decades. The rise in such cases is thought to be due to certain lifestyle factors like inactivity, unhealthy diet and obesity. Consuming more plant-based milk and foods like legumes, vegetables and fruit, and reducing the intake of processed or smoked red meats, has shown to lower the risk of developing cancers.

    Studies examining the impact of plant-based diets appear to show that the best outcome for all cancers is achieved from a well-balanced vegan diet.

  9. Beneficial for Gut Health
  10. The microbial community that thrives in our digestive tract is extremely important – as it influences the way we think, feel and understand how healthy we are. Research shows that by consuming a diverse plant-based diet, one can make positive changes to the entire gut microbiome, allowing the beneficial microbes to flourish. This can be achieved by consuming plenty of plant-based foods and even healthy food snacks made from organic products which provide enriched supply of different dietary fibres. This is how the gut bacteria are fed, allowing them to thrive healthily and multiply in number.

The more assorted one’s diet is, the more diversified the microbiome becomes, allowing it to become more adaptable in fighting different diseases. It is important to understand, appreciate and embrace vegan life, and take personal health to the next level.

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