Vegan Chocolate Nutella Spread

Vegan Chocolate Nutella Spread


Cocoa powder- 10 tbsp 

Almonds- handful

Akhrot – handful

Black kismis deseeded- 2 tbsp

Date paste – 4 tbsp

Oat milk/ Almond milk- 1 cup 

water – optional 

strawberries- cut horizontally 

banana- cut into pieces 

Method :

Date paste – 

Soak 6-7 dates in hot water for 15 mins . Churn into a paste in the mixer grinder till it becomes a paste.

Note: A very good sugar alternative. can be used as a sweetener in any desserts. 

Nut Powder – 

Dry Churn the nuts , kismis for 2-3 seconds to get a coarse powder. Do not make it into a fine powder. The coarseness of the nuts will add to the taste of the chocolate spread. 

Cocoa mixture

In a  heavy bottomed pan put cocoa powder, mix it with milk or water to make it into thich consistency. then put it on the slow heat and keep stirring. Add the nut mixture and date paste. Stir it for 4-5 mins and as the spread thickens take it out of the flame .make the spread not too thick or thin . Pour in the glass jar and store it in the refrigerator. 

Serve it with strawberry or banana as per taste . This will satisfy your sweet craving in the most healthy way. 

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