Wholistic You Gears Up to Participate In FICCI FLO Fundraiser

Wholistic You Gears Up to Participate In FICCI FLO Fundraiser

Wholistic You Gears Up to Participate In FICCI FLO Fundraiser


Wholistic You, one of the top organic product suppliers in India, has confirmed its participation in Flo Bazaar 2022 – an annual fundraiser event organised by FICCI FLO (the women’s wing of FICCI). The open event will be held on the 6th of September, at the Taj Bengal in Kolkata. It is going to be a grand affair, and Wholistic You will be a part of the proceedings.


Designed as an annual lifestyle and fashion exhibition, the Flo Bazaar event is expected to draw in the top designers, organisations and brands from the FLO member database. The event will serve as an excellent platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their products & services to a large audience. Already, 9 brands have confirmed their participation at the upcoming FICCI FLO exhibition – which is expected to generate a footfall of more than 800 high net worth shoppers.


At the upcoming Flo Bazaar exhibition, Wholistic You will get ample opportunities to exhibit its vast range of high-quality organic products – like food & beverages, home & dining products, beauty & personal care items, apparels & more – to the entire community. The single-day event has been conceptualised to deliver a seamless and unique retail experience to all participants.


Headquartered in New Delhi, the FLO forum has as many as 17 chapters across the country, and more than 8000 women entrepreneurs in its fraternity. The Flo Bazaar fundraiser has been planned for a noble cause – with the funds generated at the event set to be utilised for chalking out a series of inspirational and educational events for women. Several campaigns for the upliftment of Bengal’s rural community (with particular focus on women) are also in the pipeline. As a responsible corporate entity, Wholistic You is proud to be a part of this event, and is looking forward to receiving a uniformly positive response there.


An extensively promoted event through multiple channels (newspaper ads, social media, press coverage, hoardings, etc.), Flo Bazaar 2022 is indeed going to be a one-of-its-kind affair. The networking opportunities, with the wide pool of elite women from all over Kolkata, will be top-notch. At the event, Wholistic You will get the chance to collaborate with peers and connect with a large volume of potential customers.


As a dynamic organisation, Wholistic You is constantly on the lookout to reach a wider audience, and deliver healthier, better organic solutions of diverse types. Participation in FICCI Flo Bazaar 2022 will certainly help in that regard.

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