Chicken Spicy Nuggets 250 gm I 12-13pcs

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Product Description : 

A Spicy Treat For Your Everyday Cravings! Here is something to spice up your life, and to tickle your taste buds. The next time you want to just flix and chill, keep the chickens out of the grill. And get us to add to the thrill.

Water, Vegetable Protein Mix {Textured Protein (Soya), Vegetable fibre (Oats), Soya protein, Dehydrated Onion, Iodized salt, Thickener (INS 461)}, Vegetable Fat, Predust & Batter Mix {(Starch, Maida, Rice Flour, Acidity Regulator (INS450i, INS 500ii), Thickener (INS 415)}, Bread Crumbs {Bread Crumbs (Wheat flour, Iodized Salt, Dextrose, Yeast, Edible vegetable oil)}, Rice Bran Oil, , Seasoning Mix {Acidity regulator (INS 452(i)), Flavour Enhancer (INS 627, INS 631)}

Keep Frozen at -18°C. Do not Thaw.

Shelf Life
12 months from date of manufacture.

How to cook (Deep Fried)
1. Heat oil in a deep pan at medium heat (170 deg C)
2. Take out the nuggets from the freezer
3. Directly deep fry for 3 minutes and enjoy




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