Peanut Butter Creamy Plain – 500 gm

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Native variety of peanuts are salt/sand roasted and stone ground in a traditional way, to make this butter. No emulsifiers, binders or fillers are used.
Creamy butter made from stone ground roasted peanuts.
TBOF peanut butter is a great source of natural proteins
Oil separation is a natural process. Stir well before use.This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives,emulsifiers, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural.

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Unsweetened peanut butter is a delicious condiment to have handy at home.
Unsweetened peanut butter has a delicious texture which is great for making cookies or smoothies.
Unsweetened peanut butter is an ideal sandwich filling, easy to carry and pack in the snack box. It makes for an easy base for a quick Thai-flavored satay sauce to eat with skewered vegetables or paneer.
Also works well as a hot, spicy dip with some red chili flakes to eat with crunchy vegetable crudites.

Shelf Life

Specific storage info

Store in a cool dry place .Oil separation is a natural process. Stir well before use.



This product contains no additives and is free from artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, synthetic fillers, or binders. 100% natural.




Roasted peanuts and rock salt


It contains healthy fats from the natural oil of the peanuts
It is an energy-boosting food
It is 100% vegan
It is an excellent food for muscle building
It contains good dietary fiber and is a source of good carbohydrates
It is easy to carry for travel and is a quick snack on the go.




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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.