Rooted Living

At Rooted, we believe in going back to our roots- eating fresh, farm to table ingredients that buzz with rejuvenation and life. We source only the best products from the choicest vendors across India, to bring you a selection of items that nourish your soul. Fine cheeses, vivacious avocados, an assortment of crisp vegetables, fruits and condiments, are just a few of our offerings. Our tastefully curated hampers are great for personal use as well as gifting as we truly bring you to a more rooted, grounded way of life! The concept of Rooted started from a simple ingredient—the avocado. We sourced it directly from the farmer, and the fresh flavours struck a chord with all our customers. Then, there was no looking back. We forayed into other foods which match our mantra of creating a healthy lifestyle and a clean relationship with what we eat. Understanding the process of curating foods was borne out of being a conscious eater. We trust the age old adage that ‘we are what we eat’! Thus, paying close attention to the quality of food is a passion that has turned into the most beautiful endeavor in the form of Rooted.