When homesickness is combined with a mission in the presence of a valuable cause it results in a priceless product called oRegion. This is how chemical technologists work. In the path of input-process-output, we tried to figure ourselves out with the impact of input and process, on output. And this is our fundamental truth behind the Idea. Our idea is to focus on raw material quality and process effectiveness instead of just focussing on the external product quality.

oRegion signifies origin (of food coming from floral species) with original and regional characteristics and committed to deliver ‘Original Regional Foods’. It is a Food-Tech startup that enables technology for the traceability of food & ensures the delivery of natural, unadulterated & healthy food to the consumer.

We strive to maintain the natural characteristics of food coming from specific regions having established an authentic, bonafide and ethical process of making food products. We believe in the process of keeping “Healthy nature, Healthy future” by supporting the Zero Budget Natural Farmers and agricultural producers having ancestral experience of three to four decades.